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Family Visas

Family immigration involves many different scenarios. Perhaps one parent came to the United States on an employment visa. Often a child living in the U.S. wants to bring over a parent. Maybe a U.S. citizen wants to marry someone from a different country.

Whatever your situation, we will help you take the right legal steps to bring your loved one into the U.S. legally. We understand the complex immigration laws and will help you avoid making costly mistakes.


There are two ways to become a U.S. citizen. We will listen to your story and help you decide which applies to your situation:

  • Acquiring citizenship through naturalization — If you are a legal permanent resident, we will help you through the naturalization process. You must demonstrate good moral character, speak English and pass a civic test.
  • Deriving citizenship through family — Children often become U.S. citizens because their parents are U.S. citizens. If you were born abroad, you may not need to go through the immigration process.

Sometimes, it is easy to obtain citizenship. However, it can also lead to deportation in certain circumstances. For example, criminal convictions, child support irregularities, jury service, misleading information on previous immigration applications and even your travel history could cause your application for naturalization to be denied.

Let us help you protect your rights and guide you through the naturalization or family immigration processes. Call (314) 863-3838 or contact us online to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced St. Louis lawyers.