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Detained by ICE?

Many people who are detained by ICE make the mistake of waiting to seek expert counsel. Do not make this mistake and seek our deportation defense today. Individuals who are non-citizens and detained by ICE are not entitled to bond and can be held in custody for a long period of time. Seek our advice immediately so we can help you avoid deportation.

Remember, do not speak to anyone or sign anything until you have discussed your rights with an attorney. We have heard of countless situations in which detained individuals talk to ICE officials and sign their own deportation documents without even realizing it. Having an attorney who has handled the most difficult of immigration cases and won will make all the difference in your deportation case. We will make sure your rights are upheld and that you are not transferred far away from family and friends. Our firm is extremely compassionate in deportation defense and ICE proceedings, and we will be an aggressive and top advocate for you and your family.

Do Not Wait · Contact Us Immediately.

It is critical you seek our help immediately. Deportation proceedings can start immediately. We help clients from all over the world. We speak English, Spanish, French, Italian, Farsi and Catalan. Call (314) 863-3838 or contact us online.